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magnetic drum separator. 304 / 316L. Half Magnetic Drum is mainly used to remove or sort ferrous fines, tramp iron and other ferro magnetic materials from bulk dry material flow such as iron ore, grain, sand, gravel, plastics, ... Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. magnetic drum …

The roller is constructed out of stainless steel, 304 SS quality, which gives strong corrosion resistance. The Ferrite roller has a typical strength of 1500 - 2000 gauss; the high-intensity Rare Earth magnetic roller, the most powerful available of this type, has a strength of 3500 gauss, giving it the capability of removing smaller particles.

High Gauss Half Magnet Drum Type Wet Drum Magnet Separator For Heavy Medium Recovery In Coal Separation, Find Complete Details about High Gauss Half Magnet Drum Type Wet Drum Magnet Separator For Heavy Medium Recovery In Coal Separation,Magnet Separator,Drum Magnet Separator,Wet Drum Magnet Separator from Supplier or Manufacturer-Jiangxi Victor International …

The magnetic flux density of a magnet is also called "B field" or "magnetic induction". It is measured in tesla (SI unit) or gauss (10 000 gauss = 1 tesla). A permanent magnet produces a B field in its core and in its external surroundings.

The Gauss Magnets filters can be used in systems with pipes having DIN flanges or adapting to the customer's request. These filters are composed of several magnetic bars inserted inside a stainless steel body (Generally AISI316) with pipes for the inlet and outlet of the material. The flow is forced to impact with the magnetic bars which will ...

The stationary magnet system has several radial poles which attract the magnetic material to the drum face, and the rotating cover carries the magnetic material from one pole to another, at the same time gyrating the magnetic particles, allowing the non-magnetics to fall back into the slurry mainstream.

Magnetic Drum Separator. Vibro Energy Screen. Vibrating Motors. D20B Gauss Meter. Shaking Table. Flip Flow Vibratory Screen. ... Vibrating Feeders, Magnetic Equipment, Separators, Magnetic Separators, Gauss Meters, Conveyors, Lifters and many …

Magnetic Performance: 3,500 Gauss Performance Reading: 215mm Dia. = 85mm, 315mm Dia. = 100mm 400mm Dia. = 150mm* Temperature: +23°F / +104°F (-5°C / +40°C) Construction Magnetic Material: Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron - (NdFeB) Drum …

different designs of wet drum magnetic separators. The gap between the drum surface and the bottom of the tank is on average about 25 mm. If the magnetic field strength is between 2 000 and 2 500 gauss at the drum surface then at 25 mm from the drum it will be between 1 000 and 1 500 gauss. The combination of magnetic field strength and gradient

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A magnetic drum is installed at the exit of a vibrator feeder. A magnetic drum is installed on the discharge side of a conveyor. A magnetic drum is installed at the raw material exit. Magnet Drum To automatically remove iron pieces, bolts and nuts on a conveyor, a suspended magnetic separator is installed to attract and remove iron pieces.

Deep Draw Drum's permanent magnet design outperforms electric-powered models by always operating at top efficiency and maintaining a constant gauss or magnetic strength throughout the day. The electro drum loses some magnetism and separating power as the coil heats up during operation.

The low intensity drum has a magnetic field from 600 to 1,000 gauss, typically and is used when separating ferromagnetics. The high intensity drum typically has magnetic field intensity ranging from 7,000 gauss (Permanent Drum) to 20,000 gauss (Electro-magnetic drums) and are used to remove paramagnetic components.

Magnetic Drum Separator system is a complete machine with Stainless Steel 304 / 316; Housing & Drive system. Only drum separator unit can also be supplied. The Drum Separators are available in two types: High Intensity – (Ndfeb Magnet – 5500 gauss), for Operating Temperature of 80?C(Max.) Low Intensity - (Ferrite Magnet - 2500 gauss), for ...

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Eriez - Wet Drum Separators

The 750 gauss Interpole magnetic element, developed by Eriez, is the most acclaimed magnet of engineering standards in the industry. Eriez has also set the benchmark for wet drum performance. The culmination of various in–plant tests has demonstrated that the separators will achieve magnetite recoveries in the 99.9+ percent.

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Magnetic Drum – Magnetense

Magnetic Drum – Magnetense. We build powerful DRUM MAGNETS (from 1,826 to 10,000+ EFFECTIVE Gauss). Our DRUM MAGNETS achieve optimal wear resistance and are equipped with our "BL2" balancing system. Our "BL2" balancing system which completely revolutionizes the installation of the magnetic separator: it allows you to assemble and test ...

For many years, wet magnetic drum separator magnet rating has been on the basis of a specified gauss reading at 2″ from the drum face. The gauss reading is an average of readings taken at the centerline of each pole and the center of the magnet gap measured 2 inches from the drum surface.

Magnetic drum separator, also known as drun magnet, is mainly applied to separate or sort ferromagnetic metal from the large batch of dry powder and granular material. Magnetic drum separator is considered as a suitable choice to separate high flow or high content ferromagnetic material, then widely served to food, chemical, plastic, mineral, and pharmaceutical industry.

The drum has a magnetic field from 600 to 1,000 gauss, typically. Wet high intensity magnetic separators are also used for para-magnetic materials, with magnetic field intensity ranging from 7,000 gauss (Permanent Drum) to 20,000 gauss (Electro-magnetic drums). We have a full range of small (lab and pilot plant scale), magnetic separators, and ...

For food products in free-fall pipelines. Choice from 3 strong neodymium drum types. 3000 gauss, remove ferrous contamination from 1-5 mm; 6000 gauss, remove ferrous contamination from 0,1-3 mm; 9000 gauss, remove ferrous and weakly magnetic contamination from 0,05 - 3 mm

Value (INR) Per Unit (INR) Sep 07 2016. 85051190. PERMANENT MAGNETIC DRUM TYPE SEPARATOR WITH VIBRATORY FEEDER CAPACITY:250 TPH (6000-8000 GAUSS) SIZE:1000X2000 MM. United Arab Emirates. Nhava Sheva Sea. NOS. 1.

Chip Coolant Separators Storch Metal Separation Chip Coolant Separators Magnetic Chip Coolant Separator Features Benefits High Energy Rare Earth Magnetic Drum Separator provides 5 ½ times Strength over standard ferrite ceramic drums available. More Magnetic Gauss at furthest coolant flow under precision formed weir. 98% Separation Efficiency down to 10-20 Micron.

The average magnetic intensity on the magnetic drum surface will be 1500-2000 Gauss. Rare Earth Magnet : The magnetic separator with high intensity Rare Earth Nd-Fe-B (Neodymium- Iron- Boron) magnets are useful for removing magnetic contamination with low magnetic properties and fine iron particles are to be separated.

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Magnetic Drum Separator

Magnetic Circuit Design: • Axial pole ceramic magnet (400° @ 3.5 MGO) measuring 1200 gauss on surface of drum for large and medium target tramp metal • Axial pole rare earth magnet (176 F @ 52-55 MGOe) measuring 3300 gauss on surface of the drum • Axial pole rare earth magnet (176 F @ 52-55 MGOe) measuring 5400 gauss on surface of the drum

Drum with 304 stainless steel housing (Standard) Magnetic Circuit Design: Axial pole ceramic magnet (400° @ 3.5 MGO) measuring 1200 gauss on surface of drum for large and medium target tramp metal; Axial pole rare earth magnet (176 F @ 52-55 MGOe) measuring 3300 gauss on surface of the drum

Dry drum magnetic separators are used when separating magnetic from non-magnetic materials in powders and granular feed. Sepor can provide dry separators with low, medium and high intensity magnetic fields. The low intensity drum has a magnetic field from 600 to...

When you need magnetic separation the Reading range of magnetic separators has a wide range of proven, cost effective products. Including wet high intensity, induced roll, rare earth roll, rare earth drum, low intensity and medium intensity magnetic separators the Reading range has a magnetic solution to fit your particular processing requirements.

Magnetic Roller Separator. We are leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Magnetic Roller Separator.With the help of the skilled professional we are engaged to design Magnetic Roller Separator which is used to remove iron particles other magnetic contaminants from dry or liquid products. These products are mainly suitable for refractory, chemicals, minerals, food, etc. and available with 10,000 ...

A magnetic drum pulley can be integrated as part of a completely new system or as a custom-made product into existing conveyor systems. In both cases, assembly is very easy. A lot of rollers are made of 304 SS stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. The ferrite roller usually has a thickness of 1,500 – 2,000 Gauss.

This magnetic drum TMR machine is designed to separate particles with medium or low magnetic susceptibility from non-magnetic materials that are inert. An example includes MnO magnesium oxide, 68.37×10-6emu/gr. Separation of the materials can be done magnetically from an inert material flow when subject to magnetic fields with a gradient and ...

Eriez Magnetic Drum and Drum In-Housing Separators. Eriez Permanent Magnetic Drums are used to effectively recover tramp and fine iron from dry bulk materials. Available in a range of strengths and configurations, drums offer an ideal solution for both new and existing installations.

Magnetic drums can pick up considerably heavy and quite large ferrous pieces, but it is also ideal to separate materials of small dimensions. As for the extraction of the ferromagnetic material from the process, our magnetic drum can have two different magnetic configurations, with a longitudinal polarity (O) or a radial polarity (V).

Eriez Magnetic Drum and Drum In-Housing Separators. Eriez' Drum Separators remove both large and small pieces of iron contaminants from material processing lines. Powerful permanent magnets enable more efficient separation performance for a broader range of applications than ever before. The complete line includes standard models in diameters ...

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WHY CHOOSE Gauss Magneti. The reasons why choosing our products means choosing efficiency, speed and quality are well known to those who already trusted Gauss Magneti. The positive impact of our installations for handling and separating materials in tech and economics of industrial processes is a massive and enduring value generation.